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Celebrating Achievements: Rophine International Graduation Ceremony

On Friday, July 5th, 2024, Rophine International hosted its highly anticipated graduation ceremony at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. It was a day filled with joy, pride, and celebration as we reflected on the remarkable milestones our learners have achieved. From academic excellence and sports triumphs to groundbreaking research, each accomplishment has shaped their unique journey. We are immensely proud of our graduates and extend our heartfelt congratulations to them and their families.

Early Years 2: Stepping into Big Kids School

The ceremony began with our Early Years 2 class, who are now ready to embark on a new chapter as they transition into Key Stage 1, affectionately known as “Big Kids School.” These young learners have shown incredible dedication and growth, and their enthusiasm for learning has been truly inspiring. Congratulations to our Early Years 2 graduates for their commitment to academic excellence and for reaching this significant milestone!

Early Years 2 Stepping into Big Kids School

Year 6: Embracing New Challenges in Key Stage 3

Following the Early Years 2 celebration, our Year 6 students took the stage. These students have successfully completed Key Stage 2 and are now moving on to Key Stage 3. Their hard work and perseverance have prepared them for the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We are confident that they will continue to excel and make us proud as they progress in their educational journey.

Year 6 Embracing New Challenges in Key Stage 3

Year 9 Transitioning to Key Stage 4

Our Year 9 graduates were the next to be honored. Having completed Key Stage 3, these students are now advancing to Key Stage 4. This transition marks a critical phase in their academic careers, where they will delve deeper into their studies and prepare for their future endeavors. We commend their dedication and achievements thus far and look forward to witnessing their continued success.

Year 9 Transitioning to Key Stage 4

Year 11 Stepping into Adulthood

The ceremony culminated with the celebration of our esteemed Year 11 students. These young adults have completed their journey at Rophine Field Group of Schools and are now stepping into adulthood. Their years of hard work, determination, and growth have equipped them with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the next chapter of their lives. We are incredibly proud of their accomplishments and excited for the bright futures that await them.

Year 11 Stepping into Adulthood

A Heartfelt Congratulations

As we conclude this momentous event, we extend our warmest congratulations to all our graduates. Your commitment to academic excellence, personal growth, and resilience has been truly inspiring. To the families, thank you for your unwavering support and encouragement. Together, we celebrate the achievements of our learners and look forward to the continued success of each and every one of them. Rophine International is honored to have been a part of your journey, and we are excited to see the incredible impact you will make in the world. Congratulations once again to all our graduates!

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