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The Rophine Field Group Of Schools

At The Rophine Field Group of Schools each campus encapsulates our unique ethos and educational approach, catering to different developmental stages while promoting a holistic learning experience.

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Our Curriculum

At The Rophine Field Group of Schools, we’re dedicated to nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped to excel in a rapidly changing world. Our unique educational approach integrates two internationally acclaimed curriculums: the Competency-Based Curriculum and the Cambridge International Curriculum.


Competency-Based Curriculum

Crèche (Age 3+) – Grade 9 (Age 13+)

Rooted in Holistic Development
Our school embraces Kenya’s Competency-Based Curriculum, designed to cultivate skills, knowledge, and character traits vital for success in the 21st century. With a focus on holistic development, this curriculum goes beyond traditional learning, emphasizing practical skills, critical thinking, creativity, and socio-emotional growth.
Students engage in a dynamic learning journey that fosters curiosity, adaptability, and problem-solving abilities. Our approach encourages active participation, enabling students to explore, discover, and apply their knowledge within real-world contexts.

Cambridge International Curriculum

Early Years (Age 3+) – Cambridge Upper Secondary (Age 14+)

Global Perspectives, Exceptional Standards
In addition to the local curriculum, we offer the prestigious Cambridge International Curriculum, renowned for its rigorous academic standards and global recognition. This curriculum provides a pathway to international qualifications, empowering students with a well-rounded education aligned with global benchmarks.
Under the Cambridge Curriculum, students engage in stimulating coursework that encourages independent thinking, research, and a deep understanding of diverse subjects. This internationally acclaimed framework prepares students for higher education and careers on a global stage.

Our Campuses

Utawala Campuses

Primary and Senior School, Kindergarten School

Kamulu Campus

Kindergarten School, Primary & Senior School

Diani Campus

(Coming Soon)

International School Campus

Early Years, Primary, Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary