” – I have great pleasure in welcoming you to Rophine Field Junior School where we aim to give all our children the very best start and to prepare them for the future.” – Headteacher Rophine Main School

Why Rophine Field Junior School?

Rophine Field Junior School is an exceptional institution where we believe not just in academic excellence but in skills to humanity too. We are committed to providing a strong foundation for your child’s education. Our curriculum is based on the framework provided by KNEC. We have embraced the Competency Based Curriculum from grade one to grade six and 8-4-4 from class seven to class eight.

Our Curriculum;

Early Years Education

This comprises of two years of pre-primary and three years of Lower Primary School education

Lower Primary School

Grade 1-3

The success of our Lower Primary Education centers on creating the optimal foundation for each student’s educational journey. Every day teachers engage students in lessons and hands-on prepare students intellectually, socially, and emotionally for Middle School. At our lower primary we develop concept mastery while encouraging intellectual curiosity, formintivities that encourage exploration in and out of the classroom.

Above all, we value the foundation of life-long learning.

Lower Primary Curriculum

Technology can be found at every level of the curriculum, expanding learning opportunities and encouraging problem-solving, systematic reasoning, and collaboration.
Pertinent and contemporary issues are also mainstreamed in all subjects.

Lower Primary lesson subjects include;

  • Literacy
  • Kiswahili Language Activities
  • English Language Activities
  • Indigenous Language Activities
  • Mathematical Activities
  • Environmental Activities
  • Hygiene & Nutrition Activities
  • Religious Education Activities
  • Movement and Creative Activities

Middle School Education

This comprises three years of upper primary and three years of lower secondary education.

Upper Primary School

Grade 4-6

Middle School years are characterized by great leaps of growth in cognitive, social, and physical development. Our students emerge from Middle School with a clearer picture of their strengths and challenges and the strategies, both academic and personal, for students to employ for life success.

Upper Primary Curriculum

ICT will be cross cutting in all subjects. Pertinent and contemporary issues and life skills will be mainstreamed in all subjects. A pastoral program of instruction will be conducted once a week.

Upper Primary lesson subjects include;

  • English
  • Kiswahili Language
  • Home Science
  • Agriculture
  • Science and Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Religious Education
  • Creative Arts
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Social Studies
  • French

8 - 4 - 4 Curriculum

The main school consists of Grade 1 to class 8 and our population is currently at 1150 plus pupils. We have five streams per class, embraced the Competency-Based Curriculum from grade one to grade three and 8-4-4 from class six to class eight. Our school prides itself on modern facilities i.e. tiled spacious classrooms, a tennis court, a FIFA-standard football pitch, a swimming pool, fully stocked library, a music room, a computer lab, prayer room for our Muslim pupils and many more. Our uniforms are stocked in school making it a one-stop shop for our parents. We also have a very dedicated team of teachers and non-teaching staff who take care of the pupils while in school

We stress the total development of each child, spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally & physically.