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Boarding School

At Rophine Field Group of Schools, boarding is more than just a place to stay. It is a place where our international students from different cultures and backgrounds come together to learn and grow. Our boarding students enjoy a rich academic environment, as well as a variety of artistic and athletic activities to explore their talents and passions.

Our boarding programme fosters a sense of responsibility, independence, and leadership in our students, as well as a strong sense of integrity and respect for others.

Boarding students form lifelong friendships and learn to appreciate diversity and difference.

Our boarding programme fosters a sense of responsibility

rfgos wonderful community

Boarders at Rophine’s are a part of a wonderful community in which they learn to be themselves, to become independent and to live with others. An invaluable experience, and a great foundation for their future lives.

Boarding Options

Designed to make life easier, for students and parents, Rophine Field Group of Schools offers a wide range of boarding options to suit every need and every household.

Boarding details:

  • Full Board:

    Boarding for seven days a week during term time.

  • Weekly Boarding:

    Boarding from Monday to Friday during term time.

  • Regular Overnight Stays:

    Book an overnight stay on set days of the week.

  • AD HOC / Flexi-Boarding:

    If you need to travel for work or have a family commitment, you can book ad hoc nights in the boarding house (with advance notice).

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