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A Holistic Approach to Keeping You Healthy and Happy


Welcome to the School Health Center, your go-to place for wellness on campus! Our center is staffed by registered nurses who collaborate closely with Rophine Field Group Of Schools trainers and guidance counselors to provide essential services for our students and campus community.


Health Services

The team provides the following general services:

  • Administration of medicines
  • Immunizations
  • Illness triage
  • Coordination of consults with specialists (i.e., orthopedics) as needed
  • Transportation to off-campus medical appointments in emergency situations
  • In-stock availability of most over-the-counter medications and supplies
  • Continued integration of health education into campus life and more

A core team of staff members works with local providers to provide mental health support:

  • Ongoing walk-in availability for students to talk with a team member

  • Crisis intervention and/or management

  • Treatment planning

  • Short-term counseling

  • Referrals to area therapists, advanced practice registered nurses, nutritionists, and more if further intervention is needed

Join the Mental Health and Wellness Committee for a chance to make a difference in your classmates’ lives and the entire RFGoS community! Led by students with guidance from Counseling and Guidance, our committee focuses on raising awareness and providing support for mental health.

We’re here to educate the campus on mental health topics that matter to students and to break down the stigma surrounding mental health conversations. As committee members, we regularly invite students to share their thoughts and provide information about available resources.

Our goal is to create a community where everyone feels comfortable seeking help from trusted individuals—and at RFGoS, there are plenty of people ready to lend a hand.

Rophine Group of Schools maintains a safe, secure campus at all times:

We have a diligent Security Department watching over our community, and it is everyone’s shared responsibility to foster a safe environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Specific policies and procedures are provided and followed, and emergency protocols are tested on a regular basis through safety drills and mass notifications.

Each student has a faculty “parent/family” who is a key link between the School and the family:

In addition to providing guidance on academic matters, faculty “parent/family” offer personal support and encouragement.
The faculty “parent/family” receives correspondence from teachers, coaches, and activities advisors, about a student’s performance.