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Cambridge International Curriculum

Early Years (Age 3+) – Cambridge Upper Secondary (Age 14+)

Global Perspectives, Exceptional Standards

In addition to the local curriculum, we offer the prestigious Cambridge International Curriculum, renowned for its rigorous academic standards and global recognition. This curriculum provides a pathway to international qualifications, empowering students with a well-rounded education aligned with global benchmarks.

Under the Cambridge Curriculum, students engage in stimulating coursework that encourages independent thinking, research, and a deep understanding of diverse subjects. This internationally acclaimed framework prepares students for higher education and careers on a global stage.

Cambridge Curriculum Framework

Early Years

Welcome to our Early Years program at The Rophine Field Group of Schools! Specifically designed for children aged 3 to 5, our state-of-the-art classrooms inspire a love for learning in both indoor and outdoor settings. Our dedicated team nurtures curiosity, fostering confident communication and knowledge building. We prioritize a safe and supportive environment, ensuring our youngest learners feel secure and excited about their educational journey.


The primary stage spans from ages 5 to 11 and comprises the foundational years of formal education. It covers core subjects like English, Mathematics, and Science, emphasizing fundamental skills development.

Lower Secondary

Targeting students aged 11 to 14, this stage builds upon primary education, introducing a wider range of subjects and fostering critical thinking, creativity, and independent learning.

Upper Secondary

Aimed at students aged 14 to 16, this stage focuses on IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) qualifications, offering a more specialized and in-depth study of subjects.

Our exceptional educators are eager to engage with you and help you discover your talents, develop your own ideas, and build the confidence you need to step forward into your future. Our project-based approach immerses you in the learning process, so you not only gain knowledge, you build understanding.

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