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Why Library?

The mission of the library is to foster in our students a love of reading and the development of life-long learning abilities in information discovery while facilitating learner agency.

Our Library

Welcome to the RFGoS Library, your hub for exploration and learning! Our library, led by a dedicated Librarian and her assistant, is stocked with a diverse range of books, films, journals, and digital resources carefully selected to enrich teaching and learning at school.

Step into our tranquil space, where students and staff alike can immerse themselves in reading, learning, and research amidst a welcoming and serene ambiance.

Our mission is to provide resources that align with students’ curriculum while also broadening their horizons. We’re passionate about fostering literacy and a love for reading, offering a wide array of fiction resources tailored to various interests and reading levels.

Got a recommendation for a new addition to our collection? We’re all ears! We’re committed to keeping our library stocked with the latest and most captivating print and digital resources.

Join us at the RFGoS Library, where curiosity meets opportunity, and let the journey of exploration begin!

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