” – Education should be a joyous journey of discovery: this is what we aim for here at Rophine Field Junior School Kindergarten.” – Headteacher Rophine Kindergarten

Why Rophine kindergarten?

Rophine Field Kindergarten is an exceptional institution, We are a modern school with modern facilities including spacious classrooms, well-designed playgrounds, and adequate washrooms for boys and girls. Our teachers are highly qualified with great skills in teaching and learning.

Our curriculum is based on the framework provided by KNEC. We have embraced the Competency Based Curriculum from Pre-Primary One to Pre-Primary Two and onwards to our Primary School Grade 1- Grade 6.

Enrichment Program

Ballet Class

Photography Class

Skating Class

Drum Sets

Martial Arts Class

Dance Class

Art and Craft Class

Lawn Tennis Class

Football Class

Guitar Class

Piano Class

Our talent classes are well enriched with trained facilitators who provides a child friendly experience for the learners to reach their maximum potential within and beyond.

Our Curriculum;

Crèche – Age 3years to 4years

At Rophine Field – Kindergarten your child will begin to learn basic skills like learning to do things for themselves, by exploring, investigating, watching and listening, talking, discussing, creating, communicating – in other words, playing. Play is children’s work.
As your child develops, so does their curiosity about the world around them. At Rophine we offer a safe and caring environment that allows them to explore, and learn in their own unique way. Our children learn and grow at their own pace.

Pre Primary One – Age 4years to 5years

This is the start of an exciting journey where our 4 – 5 year olds’ begin their formal education. The children interact through learning and play in order to stimulate their intellect, and social skills.

Pre Primary Two – Age 5yeas to 6years

Your 5 – 6-year-old is now getting ready for primary school.
This is a source of pride to you and your child. We celebrate mastery of language and numeracy concepts, reading and writing as they graduate to Primary.
Our carefully balanced program provides a full day of age and developmentally appropriate activities as well as plenty of outdoor recess time on our beautiful playground.
Your child will have a blast in our Kindergarten.

We stress the total development of each child, spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally & physically.