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Dr. Simerjit Kaur

Dr. Simerjit Kaur is a dedicated medical professional and humanitarian with a rich and diverse background. Originally from Malaysia, she has resided in Kenya for the past 17 years, where she has made significant contributions to both the medical field and humanitarian efforts.

After graduating from medical school in 2001 and completing her internship at Kenyatta National Hospital, Dr. Kaur began practicing medicine. Her passion for helping others led her to the humanitarian world in 2004, where she has since worked in various conflict and disaster-stricken regions, including Somalia, Aceh, Sierra Leone, Myanmar-Bangladesh border, Malaysia, and Kenya.

In Kenya, she served as the only doctor for the entire Kapsokony and Chebongweng regions, managing the subclans of Soy and Ndorobo in Mount Elgon. Despite pausing her humanitarian work to focus on her family, Dr. Kaur remains deeply committed to providing free consultation and treatment to those in need.